Simon James's ANCIENT CELTS PAGE Introduction and Index  

A lot has happened in the two years since I originally created the following pages, which are now in need of a substantial overhaul, which I hope to do soon. My own thinking on this subject has progressed considerably, and the results of some of this can be found in print (see 'Where to find out more...').  In particular, I have just published a new book, called The Atlantic Celts, which has caused considerable public and media interest here in the UK. (See the interview in Celtic Cutural Studies)
Simon James, 13 Jan 2000

  1. Ideas about the Celts
  2. 'Celtic', a term with many meanings
  3. Who were the ancient Celts?
  4. The conventional history of the Celts
  5. An alternative history of Celticism
  6. Where to find out more about Celts 

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